Kaito- Friends

Due to my overall paranoia, this journal is now semi-friends only. Mostly it means that my more neutral posts will still be public, but if I start going into details on my life, ranting, or fan-spazzing, it will be locked.

If you think you can handle the spazzing, comment here and we'll see about adding you ^^.

Fanfic 100 Table: Organization XIII

Roxas- Memories
I mentioned this in passing a little while ago, but because candy__chan and I are doing this together so to speak, she thought we should unveil this on the same day! It also happens to be Lurker Day, but... yeah ^^;

Anyway, behold my fanfic100 claim on Organization XIII! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I going to keep my Table of DoomTM The Table that Never Was on this post and you can check it for updates if you're interested because knowing me I probably won't mention them on this journal very often.

I've got fourteen people and a MOOGLECollapse )

Schmoop Bingo card

Inuyasha- The Cute
The card for my challenge at schmoop_bingo:

Because I totally need more WIPsCollapse )

And yes, for now I'm still attempting to hide the pairing I'm writing for even though I'm sure it's freaking obvious anyway XD

I had to do it...

Golden Sun- w00t!
I'm only happy about the Super Bowl from the standpoint of an MST3K fan, since:



Golden Sun- w00t!
Taking a break from not studying for my final tomorrow so I can finally scream over Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. I beat it last night. Ummm... I may become incoherent? XD

...Not only am I cutting for spoilers, I'm going to put them into sections. DOES THAT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I RAMBLED HERE?!

Thoughts on the ending/plotCollapse )

CharactersCollapse )

Loose EndsCollapse )

Radioplay projectCollapse )

Odds are that once I'm done with school for the week I'm going to be hunting down icons and/or making them and loading them because I NEED THEM to barely use this LJ lately >_>;;. I'm on such a Golden Sun kick right now and have so few outlets @_@. And yeah, watch out for fics.

Uhh... I think that's it? I'll stop regardless since this is insanely long and my hands are starting to get numb and I need to study for that final. You wish I was kidding.


I thought I was using Plurk for this...

Mytho- Dot dot dot
Just because my thoughts about Golden Sun: Dark Dawn must be recorded in as many places as possible, I've caved in to my urge to post here again XD; Now that I've played a few hours tonight and am back to the cave I was standing in front of when I started...

Sparing you from spoilers and babbleCollapse )

School's going okay, last week of term is coming up -.-d


Ran Fan- WTF?
Gonna cut this for FMA spoilers since I'm still trying to make a lot of you read it in the first place XD; And it also contains casting spoilers.

Seriously, WTF?!Collapse )

Uhh, maybe life stuff later, I'm in class now and break just ended, lol.


Sokka/Toph- Heart
Having a pretty nice Thanksgiving by myself ^^;. I attempted to cook my own small meal and it was edible at least. And I have ice cream once I get hungry again. Yay.

Also finished my rewatch of Avatar. Uhh, most of you went through my initial thoughts as it happened, so I'll sum up the differences in my thoughts this time: I actually like Zuko, I think Zuko and Mai's relationship is interesting but I wouldn't call it a ship, and the finale wasn't all that bad when I knew not to expect what I thought was a simple wish to help tie things up so I wasn't pissed off before it was over. Otherwise I felt pretty much the same about everything else ^^; And I apparently deleted that screencap I took from "Sokka's Master" since no one else got that particular split-second (I made an icon that I... no... longer... have loaded, ANYWAY) so I amended that, as well. ...Y-you probably don't care ^^;

...I am such a predictable fangirl, sob.

Still, nice to watch is again and wake up my love for the series. We'll see what happens when the next one rolls around...

I know at least one of my roommates will be back by tomorrow, but I still have a ton of free time and I dare not get on the roads til Saturday at the earliest since I live near a big shopping area. So... yeah, I'll find crap to do!
AVPM- Draco being cool
So, I should probably update now that I have working internet in the apartment, huh? XD Or, well, "working" >_>. Kinda spotty for now.

The move went pretty well and... well, I have my own room which is nice but the whole apartment thing is just kinda weird. Like, I dunno, my anxiety doesn't help, but even though she wasn't there til Sunday I couldn't tell you what one of my roommates even looks like =/. I think there's blame to place on both sides. It's pretty clear my anxiety hasn't improved a ton, but I have been doing better elsewhere. And it's not horrible; I think I get along with the other girls at the varying intervals I see them but it just feels awkward and I can't help but wonder what they think.

I'm trying to stay off the internet as much as possible just because I can't keep spending all my time online and I need to make sure I'm used to all this before I get back in action. But I keep getting bored and it's hard ;_; I don't think I'll get a job til the new year just to help with the transition and taxes and making sure I have Christmas break free.

I've been rewatching Avatar (the good TV show) for some reason. I didn't realize that I hadn't seen the season 3 episodes very often til now, haha. Though... I dunno, season 3 was a bit weird. And dammit, I'm still fangirling and shipping where I used to, WHY MUST I LIKE UNPOPULAR THINGS?! T_T Also fighting off a plunnie because heaven knows I don't need any more WIPs considering I really don't know how much time I have for that in the first place. And I'm rather proud of the only fic I wrote for it anyway, lol.

Otherwise... yeah, I dunno. School's seemed fine but outside of that I can be kinda :S

I called my parents tonight but I got the machine (which is weird cause they never go anywhere o_O) and I'm waiting for them to call back, rawr. We're supposed to get crappy weather and I'm pretty certain Dad won't want me driving tomorrow. Plus... I dunno, I just got here, I don't wanna run back home already. But I'm going to be by myself on Thanksgiving and I at least want them to give me recipes for food that's not from a can or that I stick in the microwave. And I need to know now so I can pick it up after school when things are hopefully still drivable T_T.

Kinda want to get back into knitting since the scarf is almost done and I have a ton of old yarn I never used. Plus... It's something to do! XDDD

Seriously, I wish I felt like I could RP or be on Plurk, but I just don't trust myself to be able to stop yet. It makes me sad cause I feel like I'm letting people down or even that they're upset or not noticing me or something... I dunno, I'm insecure. But I miss talking to everyone...

I don't know what's gonna happen with voice acting yet. I have varying amounts of time by myself in here but I shouldn't get too loud or anything, either. I'm supposed to read things aloud every day for my radio stuff but... yeah, we'll see.

Despite the other stuff and the fact that it's only been two days, school itself is looking promising and that's really the reason I'm up here, right? I-I can deal with the rest of this...


*clings to everyone*

EDIT: HOLY SHIT I TALKED TO MY ROOMMATES. Okay, this... might work out after all =_=

Getting what you want can be scary...

Yuan- Sashay Off
Two days to go. This... is really surreal. I still have a lot to do, but I think it looks worse on paper than it actually will be. One of the things that's going to take the longest is me doing work on my computer. I'm ripping CDs that got deleted as I was trying to keep my last computer alive and then I'm going to start making backups of everything to put on the 16 GB flash drive I bought yesterday with a gift card I still had from my birthday XD

And then, due to paranoia, I'll be deleting anything that's blazingly obviously a copyright problem, such as my VA stuff. A lot of that will have to be done through my flash drive now most likely, but oh well. I'm not sure if my copy of Audition is okay or not. I mean, it is a cracked version but one of their testers gave it to me, so... I dunno.

Otherwise, it's packing and cleaning and I'm probably gonna go get my hair cut this afternoon though I haven't figured out what I wanna do just yet. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow; I'd have to hit up the ATM and Mom has tomorrow off so maybe she can help spot me XD Lazy, what are you talking about?

I keep trying to remind myself to get things done that I can only do here and save the things I'll be able to do later if I run out of time. I have all of my outstanding lines recorded for voice acting, I just need to edit down the tracks. I am bound and determined to figure out a way to keep doing it up there. For some insane reason I finally got the motivation to piece together a new demo so I've got that on the way, but during my work I kept looking at the clock and being like "Wait, what?! How is it 3 AM?!" So I think I'm going into the right major :)

I bought a keyboard yesterday. Part of me is chastising myself because I should be saving money and I have no idea how much space I'll really have up there, but at the same time playing piano is about the only de-stresser I have that doesn't completely pull my attention away for hours on end and I don't think there would be anything I'd have access to up there. I'm considering bringing my Djembe, too, but maybe I'll see how much space there is first.

Also, because my parents are apparently completely insane, they bought the next book in the Percy Jackson universe so I've been trying to get through that, too. Holy crap I am loving it so much so far @_@. It's getting a tag now, maybe one of these years I'll go back and add tags to my entries that came after the fact, lol. But yeah, that plus going through RiffTrax are taking time I don't have. We just have one left that we haven't seen, but it's Return of the King ^^;;

And of course both of the RPs I'm currently in decided that this week would be perfect to have awesome/potentially important for my characters events T_T.

So... yeah. I'll have internet through tomorrow night and then I have no idea. I'll have my cell phone at least, as small of a comfort as it really is XD; Ehh, I still have a ton of minutes, I'll be fine.

Might update tomorrow but in case I don't, catch ya when I'm in Minneapolis! ^_^
Ivan & Sheba- WTF?!
Gah, been so busy with everything that my motivation online is more or less dead at the moment. Not gonna push myself, though. I think I'll be better off if I wait til I'm feeling up to writing/RPing/Plurking/etc. than forcing myself. I'll have more to say about RL under an f-lock tomorrow, I'm sure... =D

ANYWAY, I'm actually doing a fandom related post. Since I finally got around to beating Professor Layton 3 last night, this is obviously about...

Golden Sun XD; The Layton game is amazing, by the way. Best in the series. But the next big release for me is the Dark Dawn at the end of the month, though with school and a lack of other things I think I'll want/need I think I'll just put it on my Christmas list. I am SO PUMPED for this game.

My big worry, though, was the whole "descendants of the previous heroes!" thing in the synopses we've gotten so far and I knew it came out in Japan last week, so I kinda caved last night and looked up stuff since I figured I wouldn't like 98% of the possible pairings amongst the characters so it was better to be ready than to be like "EWWW" right after I get this game I've been waiting seven years for XD.

The answers I got were apparently available before it came out, but I did see something else pertaining to the old cast that, while I can't say it affects the plot either, it's sort of a spoiler?

So now we get the LJ cut for said spoilers!Collapse )

So yeah, unless I get curious again I probably won't babble about it again til I actually play the game so no worries?

And like I said, I'm sure I'll make an f-locked post tomorrow about stuff you'll have better odds of caring about ^_^d

Where is time going? >O

Fakir- Embarrassed
So, yeah, I'm back home. Getting back into the swing of life and whatnot.

The trip... was rather horrible in ways I did not expect. Grandma seems fine, actually, so I'm not nearly as worried as I was. The rest of my family over the age of 50 was the issue. And the weird thing is I probably got along with my father the best out of that group. I... don't even want to go into details about what my mother did to me here -_-. I can never trust her again.

It was nice seeing my siblings/sibling-in-law for the most part. Also saw my cousin for a few hours, but we tend to not have much to say to each other unless we're around each other for longer than that. And my nephew and niece kept me sane when they weren't upset about something because they are both rather amusing. I swear I have never seen a nine month old that smiles that easily.

Things are pretty much the same back home. Working on figuring out life again. I'm starting to debate seeing if there's a good school with my major in the general vicinity if only so I can keep a job at the company so I can keep getting my medication since I obviously need it at the moment. My dosages have gone way up, but I'm slowly feeling better.

Gonna go to the RiffTrax show tomorrow night and I'm driving this time. I need to get the adapter so I can have my music going XD There might also be gaming and/or writing before this.

Speaking of, I'm really trying to get myself writing again. My old stories and Fanfic100 have just been sitting there for the last few months while my drive has been dead. So, of course I just signed up for schmoop_bingo XD; SHUT UP. Thing is, there's NO way I can combine that with my Organization XIII stuff because I have no ships in that group. And there's one pairing in particular I'd like to write for... *koffkoff* >_> I'll put my board up in a post like my Fanfic100 table right after I post this. Gotta figure out where I can get some kind of bingo that will count and find other ways to include the prompts I think I can handle.

Other than that, I'm hanging out on Plurk and RPing. Cut for RP talk you might not care aboutCollapse )

I still have a few things to finish voice acting wise, but finding time to record has been difficult with my mom in and out so much. I hope I can get everything done soon.

...I think that's it. My fail, let me show it you -_-

Dub watching~

Ed & Ling- Silence is bad
Finally got to hear Pride's voice in the FMA dub.

Cut for potential spoilersCollapse )

Umm... Eh, I'll post about other things later. FMA is still eating my brain XD

My first fandub (sorta)!

Roy- And down I go...
Oh my GOD I haven't had a night that bad at work in while -_- I'm... very tired and sore and lacking energy. I will spare you the recount of the evening.

I'm actually posting this because I somehow totally forgot to post this here. I can't remember anything now, I swear...

Remember that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood fandub I referred to? Well, because l_bwdragonfly_k is so awesome, it is done! =D And I figured since it was my crazy idea and I wrote the script and did the casting on top of being in it that I should post it here.

A warning for those of you that haven't read or watched Fullmetal Alchemist yet: MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING. If you plan to look into this someday (and you should if you haven't) you might wanna skip this.

Credits under the cut!Collapse )

And now I'm going to sit here like a vegetable for a while. Buh.


Ahiru- Bring it
For those of you that pay any sort of attention to RP, mayfield_rpg is holding a Fourth Wall event right now! This means that anyone from outside the game can comment to the characters that made posts with their own character journals~

Mayfield does have a weird setting so they do have a few things they'd like guests to follow. One is that they only want character journals, but I know the people that would do it have them already.

Guidelines are here.

And here are links to posts from everyone if anyone else strikes your fancy!

My posts are here:



And now I have to work on the tags, gaaaaah XD;


Public so other people can be warned >_>

Midna- Annoyed
Dear Game Informer,

Normally I just flip through you to see if anything interests me, and when I saw there was a story on Birth By Sleep I was indeed interested. And it seemed like it was just a nice little overview.

That is, it seemed like a generic overview until I saw the comparison you made. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Do you think I haven't been sitting here trying to figure out what might happen and have several theories I've been harboring? Did you think I wouldn't know what you were comparing it to (which most people would)? Did you think I wouldn't make some connections in regards to the plot twists?


Not pleased,

...Seriously, I'm considering contacting them with a complaint, but their response could confirm that I've been spoiled. If any of you happen to check that magazine and are planning on getting BBS and don't want spoilers, do not even look at that story. =/

I got Ace Attorney Investigations Perfect Prosecutor and OMG it's awesome so far! I also bought Ragnarok DS so I have something to play once I beat Spirit Tracks.

Kingdom Hearts fic: Imaging

Roxas- Memories
I'm making a public post, OMG.

So! It seems like I'm writing again. Or at least it looks that way right now. Hopefully this trend continues XD

For now, I hope you enjoy my first ever attempt at Kingdom Hearts fanfiction. I pin this one on ammchan since we're both getting through these games just now and this was inspired while talking to her about a certain aspect in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Title: Imaging
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Xemnas and the rest of Organization XIII
Genre: Humor
Word Count: 1360
Rating: G
Summary: Now that the Organization has reached thirteen members, Xemnas decides it's time to make an adjustment within the group. However, the decision is not exactly the best he's ever made...

ImagingCollapse )

Also at!

Will be cross-posted to various places sooner or later >_>

RP Muses

Roxas- Memories
So, erm, I made a new default userpic... *coughs*

Inspired by Sammie to do this XD. This layout is a bit more friendly to people that might come and look as compared to the post where I just keep track of what journals I own, anyway.

This doesn't matter at all to most of you XD;Collapse )


Did I mention I like baseball?

Ahiru- Spaz
TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!!!!! =DDDDD I know they have no chance against the Yankees, but... WOO HOO!

I'm still having trouble with my sleep/depression. The fact that I'm waking up at 1 PM and not wanting to take my anti-depressant doesn't help AT ALL. Plus it's been rainy and cold here for the last few days.

And I'm still no where on college. Le sigh.

Now... I will either pick up tags I dropped as the game became a nail biter or go play Kingdom Hearts. Because dammit, it's been nearly three years and I wanna beat it XD. I've got the controls back down more or less (jump and attack are opposites on the DS, grrr). Now to level up at the Colessium and see how many times I still get killed by Maleficent.

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